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Ā»Virtual music instruments in practice:
Creative concepts for the optimization of sound resultsĀ«

a musical research project
2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

The topic met with great interest especially among the group of TV and film composers. In several surveys, young entrants and established composers, as well as emmy award winners or nominees, gave insights into the current working methods with virtual instruments and DAWs. Some TV and film composers agreed to further inquiries. Classical contemporary composers were involved only in small numbers.... [more]


> even more technical know-how

The objective of this project is to offer the widespread intuitive design of music even more technical know-how. The focus of the study is the evaluation of the workflow when working with virtual orchestral instruments. 


> proven and new ways

Through the collaboration of music-makers as well as manufacturers of software or sound libraries, the possibilities of combining composition and instrumentation techniques with the respective products should be investigated.


> optimize your own workings

The results of this study are intended to reflect the own working methods and to make the differences in the workflow more transparent for music-makers.


> impact on practical work

Creative work does not have to follow a pre-designed plan. This discussion is also intended as a stimulus for manufacturers of software and software instruments to devote themselves even more intensively to this topic.

Your contribution to the project

What are your experiences as a music-maker to this issue?